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GTI Comments on World Bank draft Disclosure Policy (Nov 2009)

GTI analyzed the World Bank's draft Disclosure Policy (16 October 2009 version). GTI reviewed the proposed Policy in light of the GTI Charter and Model World Bank Policy. GTI applauds the Bank for taking significant steps in reorienting its approach to access to information. At the same time, serious limitations in the draft Policy would undermine key proposed principles, such as "maximizing access."

Significant advances include:

  • assertion of true presumption of disclosure
  • expanded routine disclosure
  • increased (yet still limited) access to decision-making
  • a request system
  • a two-stage appeals process, with a first-of-its-kind independent appeals body.

Serious limitations include:

  • a vastly overbroad deliberative process exception
  • limited or no access to draft information
  • third party vetos
  • closed Board meetings and withholding of Executive Director statements
  • long declassification timelines
  • lack of specificity

Please click here to download the comments. (Adobe Acrobat format).

3rd November 2009