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Hon. Shola Olumola

I want to begin by extending the appreciation of United Youth Front International to Transparency International for the honour done to us through this invitation to participate at this important but international conference and as aptly theme:- Towards a Fairer World: Why is Corruption still blocking the way? Capital investment and employment are the two key ingredient required by any economy to flourish but Globalisation; offers faster economic growth, higher living standards, accelerate innovation and diffusion of technology and management skills, new economic opportunities for individual and countries. But then; a number of questions arise: Can economic growth reduce poverty? Will the estimated 1.2billion people living on less than US$1 a day see much benefit from current policies of global finance, regulation or competition? What do we need to do to ensure that more poor people share the benefits of growth? These are some of the questions which we have to give solutions. At this point, I wish to share a brief explanation on Globalisation, Liberal Agenda, International Capital Market, the Simultaneous Policy to Corruption: A Global Instrument Against Human Development.